In mid 1999 Alan Baskin, one of our closest friends, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Because he had so many friends and admirers spread across different parts of the world, we created the “A Living Eulogy” web page blog. This enabled Alan’s many friends to post experiences, stories, photos and words of encouragement during Alan’s last two months. Posters included Walter Cronkite, George Plimpton and hundreds of other friends and acquaintances. Alan was delighted and comforted with the outpouring of response.

The “Living Eulogy” website was covered by technology writers for The Miami Herald and USA Today where it was described as a unique first-of-its-kind use of the internet. Within a week the story was picked up by CBS News which allowed Alan’s daughter, a national correspondent, to cover it.

When Alan passed away the site was changed to “A Loving Eulogy” and, although eventually frozen to prevent spam postings, it has been maintained for the past 15 years and can be seen here: alanbaskin.com Opens in new window


The Maryland Food Bank

Traditionally advertising firms produce public service projects under the auspices of the Ad Council. While much of their time is donated, expenses and certain functions are paid. When Griffin Communications wanted to give back to the community we took a different approach. Using our network we recruited a group of professionals who volunteered their time and services. We covered the costs of materials, travel and even the licensing of the music. The video had 10 full days or shooting at over 15 different locations. The eight minute “Feeding the Hungry in Maryland” was featured at the Food Bank’s fundraising gala and used thereafter for new worker orientation and for distribution to potential donors.


Prior to these, other Pro Bono clients have included video projects for the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts and the Pediatric Immune Deficiency Foundation, as well as collateral materials for the Basic Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins Hospitals.